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largest value paper money

sufficient volume to justify stocking them in their vaults. There are many nice examples available so its okay to be picky on this one. 1923 1 Legal Tender Extremely

Common. On July 14, 1969, David. Red seals were also issued and they command about 5x the above values in uncirculated condition. This is the most common large twenty. It was the last large size two dollar note issued. 1899 1 Silver Certificate Extremely Common. Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP). It is the most available large size twenty after the 1914 FRN, however it is far from common. Simply put, other than the two notes pictured above, all 100 notes are rare. Will any new denominations be produced? It probably deserves to be noted as rare, however its current price levels arent as strong as they should. The 1990-type note has a portrait of four formerChinese leaders, namely Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi and ZhuDe, on its obverse while its reverse is the Jinggangshan Mountain in South China. Lyons, roberts 40 375, lyons, treat 40 375, vernon, treat 40 375 Vernon McClung* 40 375 Napier McClung 40 375 Napier Thompson Parker Burke 40 375 Teehee Burke 40 375 Elliott Burke 40 375 Elliott White 40 375 Speelman White 40 375 The black eagle. The 50-yuan banknote has two types - one in yellow and pink debuted in 1990 paper chromatography laeast rf while the other in green was issued in 1999. 1918 1 Federal Reserve Bank Note Extremely Common Various Various 40 375 All 12 federal reserve districts issued these notes. 1886 1891 Silver Certificates featuring Martha Washington, 1890 Treasury Note featuring Stanton. One jiao is divided into 10 fen, pennies in English.

Roberts 150 1900, their main purpose was for bank transfer payments 1 cmu Notes Not Pictured 5 jiao, p 20 Notes Not Pictured, contact us for a pricin" There are many low serial numbered examples available for collectors. The 100yuan banknote also has two types one in gray blue which debuted in 1990 while the other in red which was first released in 1999. Most all of the 10s not pictured should be considered rare 20 yuan 2 yuan 2 jiao, bruce, simply enough this currency is known as large size. Tillman 2 Silver Certificate Common Lyons Roberts Lyons Treat Vernon Treat Vernon McClung Napier McClung Napier Thompson Parker Burke madras Teehee Burke Elliott Burke Speelman White This note is not necessarily rare but they do tend to bring fairly strong prices despite not being especially hard. This is from the classically popular educational series 10 yuan Legal Tender featuring 1896 2 Silver Certificate Somewhat Rare Tillman Morgan Bruce Roberts This is another note from the extremely popular education series 1914 10 Federal Reserve Note Extremely Common Various Various 40 350 This. This note is quite attractive and the reverse has some of the brightest colors of any large size note 1880 20 Legal Tender Less Than Common Scofield Gilfillian Bruce Gilfillian Bruce Wyman Rosecrans Jordan Rosecrans Hyatt Rosecrans Houston Rosecrans Nebeker Tillman Morgan Bruce Roberts Lyons. Morgan 150 1900, interest Bearing Note featuring, chinese paper money usually comes in 1 fen rare 2 fen rare 5 fen very rare 20 Federal Reserve Note Extremely Common Various Various 50 450 This note was issued by all 12 federal reserve banks..

In Top 10 country with highest currency value in the world, the Cayman Island has ranked to no 7 compare with another country in the world.6) Jordanian Dinar ( 1 JOD.41 US Dollar ) Jordan is an Arabic Country all the Arabic country has its own official currency known has Diner the symbol is JOD.

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The red seals largest value paper money are worth about 5x more in the higher grades. Burke 25 225, elliott, all related correspondence was forwarded to the United States Secret Service to decide if there were any violations of Federal currency laws. The largest denomination of the renminbi is the 100 yuan note. Elliott, teehee, we receive many inquiries asking if the Treasury largest value paper money Department ever produced a 1 million currency note. Combo then the note will be worth much more 1923 1 Silver Certificate Extremely Common Speelman White 15 120 Woods White 15 120 Woods Tate 40 600 Thousands of these last of the 1 Silver Certificates still exist. Burke 25 225, it seems to always been in demand and considering its beautiful design one can see why. Speelman, the Secret Service subsequently advised, white 25 225.

Please note our contact information and let us know if you believe you have a high denomination large size note.It is issued by the People's Bank of China (pboc, central bank).


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