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to research, ProSE zeroes in on relationships. Institutional repository managers, research support staff and librarians could be prompting their institutions to make the most of these externally provided services

to enhance the visibility of their researchers work in institutional repositories. Edu archive, which consists of documents uploaded by users who share their own work. In my case Im pleased that, according to Google Scholar Citations, my most cited papers have been cited 87, 67, 54 and 40 times. Performing a search for a paper known to be on Academia. However the converse is also true: just because a paper in a repository is seldom viewed does not indicate that it must be a great paper! Clicking on the keywords link of a profile will list all keywords used on a search engine to access that profile (provided a user has not decided to be the only person who can view the keywords, which is a privacy option) along with the. Edu pulls from to perform a general search. Edu, a social network that connects academics based on department and research interests, integrates social networking with online reading practices. My co-author Jenny Delasalle has been investigating use of researcher profiling service at the University of Warwick, her host institution. However, unlike ProSE, Academia. For instance, by not searching the Papers category unless a separate search is performed or allowing the Teaching Documents section to be searched, Academia. By only searching the sections People, Research Interests, Universities, and Departments, and making searches for papers and books separate searches that can only be accessed from ones profile instead of a ubiquitous text box, Academia. By framing research in this way, the responsibility of research rests with the people who perform that research, which ignores meaningful relationships between texts, relationships which might even be stronger than the those between the authors of the texts. There is also a a text box (which enlarges once a person clicks inside) which allows for a person whether a user or not to send comments. The user then locates his or her department or adds the department if it is not already part of the tree. However the use of popular researcher profiling services such as LinkedIn and Academia. Regardless of whether or not a person has a profile on Academia. Other information that can be added to a users webpage includes books, talks, blog posts, and papers and books read. In Philosophy at All Souls College, Oxford, launched Academia.

Hide paper on academia.edu

Talk, and Departments, edus approach to research can help the Transliteracies Project articulate what sets ProSE apart as well as what can be done to improve the system as it is presently conceived. Edu, add Graduate paper Student, research Interests based on most active People or on recent updates Papers and Status Updates. But no results are returned from Teaching Documents.

In order to claim authorship of a paper on, academia.Edu, you will need an, academia.The mere fact that you wrote a paper and stuck it on academia.

People, colleges and Universities are listed in a row along the top of the page clicking the background and dragging it left or right allows a user to scroll through other universities. Adding them as a contact does require their approval. Or all three all of which are sorted by either Recently Joined or Most Active. Which makes it difficult to find teaching material on the site. Research Interests, there is no search functionality, news. Users confirm contacts by clicking the Requests link at the top of the page. Edu also distinguishes between followers and contacts by noting. As one manifestation how to make easy but cool paper planes of how to utilize social networking to link people and documents.

In this instance, readers are listed, but no keywords are listed presumably because the paper is not part of the Academia.The majority of the profile information exists in a sidebar on the left-hand side of the page.


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