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how does staples rebate for paper work

packs of paper.79 each. . (More on this in a previous post. Use on m m has a unique checkout system which allows the use of five Staples Visa

prepaid cards as payment for a regular m purchase. Miscellaneous Facts about Staples Rebates, submit a rebate here. Morgan Chase Bank,.A. Thats.37 plus tax. . We've come a long way from the days of handwritten receipts and carbon copies! The postcards say: Dear Consumer, Thank you for participating in the Master Card Gift Cards promotion. How could I have not submitted all of the information? Heres the information from Staples. . For online (or kiosk) orders, youll need the following info to submit a rebate: crumple the order number and the delivery zip code. The system verifies your purchase and what you qualify for and they mail you the rebate within 6-8 weeks. How do I check the status of my rebate? Product item is 513099 and rebate offer number is. . Keep a copy of your documents for future reference. Theyre not giving away copy paper, but this is a deal I couldnt pass. . Again, if you send your original, always keep a copy for yourself. Many times they just ask for a copy. In my experience their customer service leaves a lot to be desired and they are inconsistent with the way they enforce their policies and coupons, even when it violates the fine print. We undoubtedly missed something hit the comments! For in-store purchases, a special rebate receipt will print out automatically at the register, aside from the regular purchase receipt. The Contact Us organic page contains a form you can fill out and a chat option if someone is available. Is it best to send a copy of my receipt and hold onto the original? To submit the rebate, youll need the Easy Rebate ID number, which is a long string of numbers that comes printed on the rebate receipt. Additional Terms and Conditions apply to the card. . The prepaid Visa cards get hit with a 3 monthly fee after the first 6-months, so be sure to use it up before then. Unfortunately, we could not honor your request due to the following reason(s Master Card Gift Cards Missing Purchase Amount.

How does staples rebate for paper work

Im just going to come out and say that I dont really like Staples. Chuck on February 2, in fact, one of the bright spots regarding Staples is their Easy Rebate program. Cards can be used at any merchants that accept Visa debit cards. Heres the link, choose this option if you cover prefer the nonexpiring Staples card over the soonexpiring Visa card.

You should find a toll free number printed on the rebate form. Once your Staples Rebate login is how does staples rebate for paper work setup. This Staples deal is buy one and get two free with mail in or online rebate. The visa prepaid card is not redeemable for how does staples rebate for paper work cash and may not be used for cash withdrawal at any cashdispensing location. Or MetaBank pursuant to a license from Visa.

As you can tell this is a bunch of rubbish.Some people wont want to use this option since they prefer to use a credit card that gets bonus points on Amazon.


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