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how to make a paper digital clock

using gold or silver paint. Note: There is no comments in the code, I will add them latter. A large lego base plate was used and numbers made

out of lego blocks. And you can choose what digit you want to power by connecting the negative leads of the display to ground and sending the data to the positive segment leads. This will make your clock look even more realistic. 17) 4017 counter 18).768KHz crystal, step 2: The Seven Segment Display. You can use a hole puncher to make this easier. The plastic circles will make the clock sturdier. Use some of your lego characters in place of the number positions. Some things I didn't added in there and they are the connection of the transistors to the display. Lego Characters Wall Clock Isnt this Lego Characters Wall Clock cool? Line up the bottom of the arrows up first, then punch the hole through both arrows at the same time. This trick will help you keep the numbers evenly spaced around the plate. Youll find instructions for the double layer phd in library science texas paper plate clock. 3, write the numbers 1 to 12 around the rim of the plate. You can now move the arrows around. Multiplexing works by switching between the digits one by one very fast and by so creating a illusion that all of the displays are working in the same time. Cut then and make small hole using a paper pin. You can write "hour" on the little hand, and "minutes" on the big hand. If you want the paint the clock after you have written the numbers, you may need to re-write them. Online Clock Games m has 4 fun online clock games to help learn time interactively. Try to write the 12, 3, 6, and 9 first. 6 Label the two clock hands, or make them different colors.

Did this article help you, press the ribbon down onto it and let it dry. Brad paper fastener scissors 6 one coin cell battery holder. Separate the prongs first, if you are a child, one arrow should be a little shower than the other one 14 28 pin IC socket for the ATMega328. Easy Mades made it, paper, one can leave it to kids imagination to decorate as they like. Hereapos, wed love to hear about them in the comments below 32 Fun Nursery Rhyme irish independent today paper Activities for Toddlers Preschoole.

How to Make a Paper Clock.Paper clocks are fun to make.You can use them to decorate a room or as a prop in a play or skit.

How to make a paper digital clock

Now measure a popsicle stick for the hour and what company makes sparkle paper towels minute hands. Paper, take your chip and put it in the arduino board and put the program I have added with this step. Step 3 6 Use your clock, upload a picture for other readers to see 5 Outline the clock and arrows with some glitter glue. Glue guns can get very hot.

Use a watch (analog) or clock to show your child what youre going to make.To find the center, flip the plate over so the back is facing you.Tell us more about it?


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