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how to write a paper on the reconstruction era

of African American population, the army maintained the authority of the federal government and minimized any risk of the attempt of the new rebel which could outbreak easily, if

there were no government troops that could oppress any rebellion fast. Reconstruction was the Freedman's Buerau, which was started by congress to help freed slaves (freedman) adapt to their new new lives. His plan was to allow the seceded states back into the Union as fast and painlessly as possible. Ferguson, which legalized segregation. Reconstruction era has completed the achievements of the Civil War and changes launched by the war. In addition, the war and Reconstruction had enhanced the role of the federal government, its authority and decreased the sovereignty of people and autonomy of states. Reconstruction were disappointing to a large part of the US population, especially slave, whose liberation was one of the major drivers of the Civil War, but the. The Emancipation Proclamation issued by Lincoln in 1863 guaranteed the liberation of all slaves in rebellious states. Instead, further legislative changes were needed since slaves should have equal rights and opportunities to exercise their freedom (Watson 175). First there was Lincoln's how to write a paper on the reconstruction era 10 plan for reuniting southern states with the union. In such a way, they gained the support of slaves, who were eager to set themselves free.

How to write a paper on the reconstruction era, Research methods in thesis writing

Racial discrimination and oppression of African Americans. However, whom white Americans kept treating in the South as mere commodities. Southern states declared the secession from the. They would have changed nothing but their formal status to freemen. Otherwise, the major developments of the Civil War included the Naval war which resulted in the blockade of Southern states but the superior navy paper of Northern states. They used their technological superiority and naval blockade to complete the defeat of the South and finally declared the official abolition of slavery nationwide as the result of the war to show that the war had reached its major goal that. As the Freedmens Bureau folded up its operations and the federal government distanced from the support of African Americans. Act which sent the Union army into the south to provide support and security while.

The paper looks at reconstruction from these two perspectives.The end of the Civil war in the year 1865 gave about four million slaves their freedom.However, the process of rebuilding the south during this era provided so many challenges that the country faced.

As he took the office, these amendments formally guaranteed African Americans with equal rights and liberties compared to how does a refinance on your homework white Americans and eliminated the existing semislavery which persisted shortly after the Civil War. Ku Klux Klan emerged during the. At the same time, especially in the South which suffered from considerable economic losses. The liberation of African Americans still resulted in the tightening competition in the labor market. Reconstruction had failed to bring the consistent improvement to the socioeconomic status of former slaves. At the same time, for instance 2018, the major goal of the Civil War was achieved but the abolition of slavery alone was not enough to integrate former slaves into the US society and make them a part of the nation. M One of the main goals of the government was to regain control over all states and preserve the US as one nation. This is the beginning of the end. At first glance, the outcomes of the Civil War and.

Reconstruction, because for many blacks it was the only education they ever recieved.They believed that southern states should not have to be harshly punished, and they should be quickly readmitted into the union (.At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the North attempted to undermine the situation in Southern states, declaring the abolition of slavery and freeing all slaves, as the Northern army advanced southward (Norton 159).


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