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glossy poster paper

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Reduce redeye and adjust colors in your poster all from your computer. Make a selection and covert it into a highquality poster. Make a positive impact with UPrintings lined glossy poster printing service. Choose from standards or custom sizes available. Can be framed or mounted on the wall for display. Only one image can be customized with each sheet. Poster, a proud moment in life or a picture of a remarkable day out with your friends.

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Surprise a friend or family member by giving a customized image of your most memorable moments. Reduce redeye and sand paper on skin also even adjust colors. This 1114 poster is printed on matte photo paper so it does not easily fade over time. You can personalize the poster and crop.

When done printing, the photo is rolled in a poster tube and shipped to you 1114 poster is printed on glossy photo paper.The less reflective semi-gloss is perfect for places with intense lighting.


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