Office paper amazon - Epson xp-310 printer keeps jamming paper

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epson xp-310 printer keeps jamming paper

printing occurs within the operational temperature range. Next remove all of the ink cartridges, then clean the metal electrical contacts on the back, as well as where they mate

up inside the printer, using qtips and rubbing alcohol. For Windows, check the Media Type setting in the. For paper other than epson's, check the paper type selected in the Paper Configuration menu of the SelecType mode. The arm will swing to open the area that is normally closed paper and will block the path of the switch. Meaning the switch is not detecting the normal blocked state by the arm. The screw will be running horizontally and will have the head facing left. It's just that simple. I took it apart and found out exactly what is going on with these printers. It will take about 5 minutes to fix, I removed 4 screws 1 on the center of the back piece near the bottom, another from the top left of the scanner (while facing the back of the printer) where the hinge is located there. I think it happens over time from normal use since epson has made the tabs so weak and they probably only set that arm to barely clear the rollers it won't take much to create a problem. Epson xp300 paper jam every time even with no paper. Twist it upwards while pushing. Make sure the paper is not damp. Mine had to be adjusted on both tabs and also needed to be adjusted in and up, meaning i had to bend both tabs upward to get the piece that blocks the hall effect switch back into a fully closed position which it did look. Make sure no foreign objects are inside the printer. Make sure the paper is not too thick or too thin. Top, version.00E, Copyright 2001, seiko epson corporation. Make sure it is correct for the paper you are using. Then carefully remove the scanner and unplug the ribbon cable on the right side. If multiple print jobs have been sent to the printer when the paper jam occurs, check the page settings in your application and confirm that the paper is loaded properly to ensure that no pages. Feed or, paper Jam, problems Occur Frequently.

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When it swings the force hall effect switch is open. One end goes to the main circuit board and controls a hall effect switch. That can be caused by anything from debrisobstruction paper jam. If it does move, before loading paper and guiding it through the paper insertion slot. Troubleshooting, the other end goes to the middle of the paper feed area and has a thin arm that sticks in between the rollers and it swings when paper is fed past.

You may need to trace pry it slightly on the right edge to get it started. Paperclip or staple, make sure that the platen gap setting matches your paper. Setting the paper thickness, check the Media Type setting in the. And check for security any internal debris such as scraps of paper.

The current jam error simply denotes an internal fault.It could easily be avoided with a tiny bit more metal allowed on the tab or just a simple extra bend on the edge to add a tiny bit of rigidity to stiffen the tab and hold the the position better.


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