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cisco nexus architecture white paper

Cisco NX OS Software operating system, providing customers with comprehensive features and functions that are widely deployed. Which could be Layer 2 unicast switched, L2 multicast switched, Layer

3 unicast routing or layer 3 multicast traffic. When the packet leaves the queuing engine, the lookup result is used to rewrite the packet after it has been parsed; then the packet is forwarded out of the egress interface. Layer 3 forwarding paper lookup is done in the Layer 3 host and longest-prefix match (LPM) tables. In essence, the ingress pipeline block makes the forwarding decision. C /13 Page 10. The next step is the learning phase: the source MAC address is learned in the hardware for the given vlan. Multicast: Protocol-Independent Multicast sparse mode (PIM-SM PIM source-specific multicast (pimssm and Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (msdp) multicast protocols are supported. Then the Layer 2 and 3 forwarding lookup is performed in the MAC address and Layer 3 forwarding tables. This document is Cisco Public Information. Page 7, cisco Nexus 9200 Platform Switches Architecture White Paper Cisco Public Figure. . Successfully reported this slideshow. Cisco Nexus 92160YC-X Switch Hardware Architecture sata. The rear side of the Cisco Nexus 3172PQ has 48 x 10-Gbps SFP ports and 6 additional qsfp ports. Dynamic Packet Prioritization Prioritized Packets Express Lane. Cisco Nexus 3100 Platform Forwarding Table 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates.

Any fan or power supply can be hot swapped during operations. Scheduling is performed based on the unicast and multicast queues in same class. Page 14, on egress, now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. The queuing engine performs the admission control check Figure 7 for all the packets entering the system. The Cisco Nexus 3172PQ is well suited for data centers ge6351 2018 question paper that require a costeffective. The Cisco Nexus 3100 platform is designed with redundant and hotswappable power supplies and individual fan modules that can be accessed from the front panel. Software support will be added after the initial release. Cisco Nexus 3100 Platform Buffer Block Flow Control The Cisco Nexus 3100 platform implements both ingress and egress accounting for the packets being switched.

The Cisco Nexus 93180LC-EX Switch is the industrys first 1RU switch capable of 50 Gbps.It supports.6 Tbps of bandwidth and more than.8 bpps.

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Cisco Nexus 9200 Platform ssc je mechanical question paper 2018 pdf Switches Architecture White Paper Cisco Public Figure. Cisco Nexus 9236C Switch Hardware Architecture dimm. IPv4 routes with prefix 32 and IPv6 routes with prefix 128. The queuing engine is responsible for flow control. The host table is used for Layer 3 host routes. The packet is replicated on the egress ports and vlans using the multicast persuasive research paper on texting while driving group and vlan table.


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