Hi res tan paper - Bird paper plates

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bird paper plates

simply cut circles (I traced a childs plate) out of white cardboard. Step 4, for the flamingo plate, cut a pink plate in half for the body. A

cereal box would to the trick too. Cut pink cardstock into long thin legs and glue in place. A quick blast with the hair dryer had them moving onto the next step in no time. Today Im sharing the super-cute paper plate bird craft that we made today. Did you see the, paper Plate Robins we made last year? To finish off, add a black pupil to the circle and glue it onto the love bird. Using PVA glue, attach the wing and beak. Truth be told, we didnt actually use paper plates for these birds because I didnt have enough plates to go around. If you have pipe cleaners to hand excellent, otherwise I wouldnt worry as I consider them to be an optional extra! If you have a spare hair dryer, move it into your craft room for speeding up the drying process when youre crafting with your little ones. What you need paper plates feathers markers or paints scissors glue googly eyes glitter glue pens orange paper, to make a large bird, fold a paper plate in half and crease it down the middle. This craft can be as simple or complex as you choose to make it I used only plates and cardstock for these birds, but you could add in feathers, tissue paper, or felt to add more texture. You can cut a wing out of another plate, or the scrap from the middle. Cut the, paper Plate in half creating a ying-yang shape. Ta-da, you should now have a super cute paper plate love bird! Spring is in the air, and so my toddlers and preschoolers have been creating lots. To make our paper plate birds: We started by folding our paper plates in half. Simply place the long pipe cleaner into the centre of the V, align and twist in the middle.

Bird paper plates

For more Valentines inspiration check out our. Cut and glue down an bird paper plates eye and beak out of black bird paper plates cardstock. I set out a pallet of acrylic paints in assorted colours. Ready to make sparkly bird crafts. I used big and little white plates.

There are so many inspiring images that use paper plates in playfu l new ways.I was especially drawn to the birds there are just so many.

Facebook, paint the plates as you magnifying glass and paper eclipse like I used a couple shades of magenta. While leaving about an inch and a half gap between them. Bend one piece into a V shape and leave the other slightly longer piece straight. And since love birds always come in pairs.


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