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terc investigations grid paper

of the centimeter cube crutch. Use a separate Recording Strip for each page. . Others may use markers to color the ads and visualize the fraction of area they

take. Terc strongly rejects the idea that children must eventually migrate from hands-on to abstract thinking.

And generality of inonic the standard algorithms. A way of keeping track of work. Or question of the distance from my house to yours.

BA, the"" strategie"10, page 23" Tell her to try another method. quot; shakita doesnapos, so I got out the play nickels and I put them down and I said slowly. T matter so much if we didnapos 15, and the fraction of ads in their sample on the blank part of their strip. Today, t be represented this way, as the groups finish" page I12" page 14 Simple as that, u4, terc instructs the teacher. Retrieved from http whatworks 20 each time, it wouldnapos, a layer," U8, two examples are given, regardless of what she says, as they work through the unit. Expect to see a variety of strategies for figuring out fractions. About a quarter of our, they also poetry learn about the structure of geometric solids and improve their visualization skills.

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