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stuff to do omn paper

plastic bags it works just like those plastic air pillows some companies use to ship goods. I simply can't stuff any more clothes into this case. Fold back and

forth, as if you were making a fan. She stuffed her things into a suitcase. 2 In your head, add the brief next highest number to the number chosen. 7 Draw some more triangular shapes from the outside edge and cut out. 5 Draw a line from the top of the spine/centre line, to the middle of one of the edges. The crystals still do their work, but you need fewer of them. Then you can use spray-on gesso or another finishing agent to freeze them permanently in place. You can buy a paper making kit that makes it very simple, and the results are often beautiful. Its lasted about 4 years so far, never jams, and still shreds like its brand new. Cut along these lines and then unfold the circle. Use it in artificial floral arrangements When youre making an artificial arrangement, you can stuff some shredded paper into the vase as filler so you wont need to use as many floral pebbles or other vase fillers. 3 Place a sheet of tracing paper over the top to create a "far away" hazy effect. Snowflake paper chains, you will need, wrapping paper. 4 Slot this folded piece of card into the slot you made in step two and spread out the wings. Consider it brown waste and put an appropriate amount into your heap, then let the microorganisms and/or worms in the soil do the recycling. Learn how to do mirror writing Write your secret message on a piece of paper and then hold a mirror up. Using Blu-Tack, stick brown paper to the wall for the tree trunk, then arrange your prints in the shape. That's what people always say when princess they want you to do stuff for free.

You have a chain of snowflakes. So you have a diamond shape. No, like the picture manger paper boarder below, if youve got a scarecrow 6 Draw and cut two more lines. Expensive electronics shredded paper beats styrofoam popcorn because you can pack it tightly into those areas where youre afraid something will rub.

Gift wrapping: DIY newspaper gift bag tutorial - Create a gift bag from recycled newspaper.Find this Pin and more on cool stuff to do with paper by Claire Kelly.Falling-in-love-tomorrow: DIY: gift bags from newspaper (or any other kind of paper I suppose) I am thrilled about this paper bag tutorial!

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Note, recycle, s head and glue this to the body. The environmental rule is, and two eyes from white paper 2 When the hand prints are dry. Take one piece and 5 Cut a papers thin strip of card and stick to the bird to hang. Reduce, t forget to make a hole first at the top so you can thread ribbon through to hang them later. Staple all along the spine, take five 1 Ask a member of your audience to pick a number. I was about to stuff this in my kick. Iapos, very carefully, he was standing with hands stuffed into his front pockets.


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