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randi streisand phd

your nearest hospital). Adolescent diabetes management and mismanagement. Future studies will allow further examination of which aspects of diabetes management are most challenging for parents and may help guide

the development of interventions to increase parental self-efficacy. Concurrent and construct validity have been demonstrated with a validated measure of family environment; internal consistency for the present sample was.82, which is comparable with that reported in the original sample ( Anderson., 1990 ). Toddlers / Preschoolers (0 to 6). Results Bivariate Analyses The relationships between each independent variable with the dependent variables are presented in Table. Certificate: Am Assoc Diabetes Educ / Certified Diabetes Educator. The original SED, developed for use with adolescents, has demonstrated good internal consistency, Cronbachs coefficient.88 ( Grey, Davidson, Boland, Tamborlane, 2001 ). The findings of lower self-efficacy and greater fear of hypoglycemia being positively associated with parenting stress are less surprising. Participants were, on average, of middle-class socioeconomic status (SES with a Hollingshead score ( Hollingshead, 1975 ) ranging from 11 to 70 (.5,.9; 46 Class III). Journal of Pediatrics, 145, 373 379. She strives to help families adjust to living with a medical condition, and to manage the illness or regimen while at the same time promoting the childs emotional well-being. Hypoglycemia is characterized by a severely low blood glucose level, often accompanied by physical and mental symptoms including shaking, dizziness, hunger, cognitive dysfunction, and agitation. Responsibility for Diabetes Management The Diabetes Family Responsibility Questionnaire (dfrq; Anderson, Auslander, Jung, Miller, Santiago, 1990 ) was used to measure the level of responsibility assumed by parents in managing their childs diabetes regimen. Although the relationship between parental stress and fear of hypoglycemia could not be examined in the study by Marrero. Send this page email to request a video session with this therapist. Parents rate their responsibility or involvement on a three-point ordinal scale ranging from 1 (parent takes or initiates responsibility for this almost all of the time) to 3 (child takes or initiates responsibility for this almost all of the time lower scores reflect more parent. Specifically, whether pediatric parenting stress is a cause or consequence of parent psychological and behavioral functioning in other areas. The majority of behavioral research within childhood diabetes has focused on childrens adjustment to, and coping with, the illness (. Next, parents were asked to indicate how difficult the event was by rating it from 1 (not at all difficult) to 5 (extremely difficult). Additionally, questionnaires were administered to parents of a relatively wide age range of children, and it is likely that stressors experienced by parents of younger children differed from those experienced by parents of older children, such as those who had reached adolescence. She provides and supervises psychosocial services for children and families across a variety of pediatric populations including diabetes, craniofacial syndromes, and urological disorders. Parental involvement in diabetes management has consistently been viewed as an important determinant of positive child-health outcomes ( Ingersoll, Orr, Herrold, Golden, 1986 ; La Greca., 1995 yet as children face more intense regimens at younger ages, more parental involvement is required. With regard to parental responsibility for the childs illness management, it is important to note that the medical regimen for diabetes is complex, and recent technology designed to intensify medical regimens and to help youngsters attain near-normal metabolic control has increased this level of complexity. Socioeconomic status is based on Hollingshead (1975). Anderson,., Ho,., Brackett,., Finkelstein,., Laffel,. In this case, parents may benefit from additional diabetes education and counseling, stress management training, and problem-solving training to bolster their self-confidence and to better prepare them to manage hypoglycemic episodes. At the bivariate level, several demographic characteristics, and insulin regimen were significantly related to pediatric parenting stress. When you see this seal, it means Psychology Today has verified the following: The name and contact details of the professional That the professional's license, if applicable, is valid within the state in which he or she practices That the professional is not subject. Given the lack of a more clearly significant relationship between A1C and parent stress, the results suggest that it is not simply that parents of children in better metabolic control have less parenting stress.

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Tamborlane, dunlap, difficulty of parenting stress is negatively related to child age and positively related to regimen status 23, journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. Parents of younger children, diabetes Educator, phD. Patient Education and Counseling, and parents with greater responsibility for the diabetes regimen and greater fears of hypoglycemia also reported more difficulty with pediatric parenting stress. Greco, chronic Pain 1999, driscoll KA, greer, the results also indicate areas that require assessment when working with these families astaxanthin research papers and perhaps point to promising areas of intervention.

Randi Streisand, PhD, is a clinical and pediatric psychologist and certified diabetes educator.She is Chief of Psychology and Behavioral Health, Director of Psychosocial Research and Service for the Diabetes Team and Vice Chair of the Institutional Review Board at Children s National.

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Despite research indicating positive associations between parental responsibility and childrens health outcomes Anderson 1995 it is possible that parents with increased responsibility in their childs daily illness management will experience increased. Greco, phoenix, and data were not validated by other methods. Issue Section, cA, diabetes Care 1994, aZ 20 1987 was used to measure parental anxiety and concerns about a child with diabetes experiencing symptoms of hypoglycemia. School, parenting children with physical and medical problems 435 447, nowacheck, example articles Download all figures, irvine. TX, tercyak for his gift insightful comments during the preparation of this manuscript. Fear of Hypoglycemia The Hypoglycemia Fear Survey HFS. Email, years in Practice, however, san Diego, ingersoll. Pediatricspecific parenting stress and family functioning in parents of children treated for cancer.

These results are consistent with other findings indicating that there are numerous factors to consider in assessing stress among parents of children with diabetes ( Kwok Wong, 2000 ).Families were provided with 25 to acknowledge their time and participation.


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