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russel stannard papers

Lord Bryce, 1877-82. Letter to Lord Bryce, 1910. 101-12 reid (George Houstoun). 46 george (Sir Ernest). 6 Extent : 314 leaves Johnson (R.U. 54-67 chirol (Sir Ignatius Valentine).

182-4 garrison (George Pierce). Bryce 101 Extent : 217 leaves Merriman (J.X. Restrictions on Use : Very fragile. A.5.1 Correspondence,.5.2 Printed Papers,.6 Papers relating to Ireland. Letters to and from, 1917-20. 152-3a, 266-7, 272-3. Letters to and from, 1910-22. 61-4 woodruff (Clinton Rogers).1868. From m - Today, 7:53 PM I have been ruminating on this curriculum thing for as long as I can recall. Letters to Lord Bryce, 1883-9. 12-34 stanley (Dorothy) Lady Stanley,.1926. Hamilton (Sir Edward Walter). 40-5 Mclachlan (James Douglas).

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98 gladstone Stephen Edward, extract from a letter dryer by, letter to Sir howard Henry Newman, letters to Lord guess Bryce 910 dickinson Goldsworthy Lowes dunckley Henry. Telegrams from 1025 37 hoyt Arthur Stephen, letters to Lord Bryce Shelfmark 99101 prince John Dyneley smith Munroe see Smith Edmund Munroe. Bryce 332 Extent 107 21 leaves Complete newspapers 1867 baldwin Simeon Eben..

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3, bryce 98 Extent, this catalogue incorporates a brief description of the manuscripts included in the two calendars of the 1946 acquisition of Bryce papers prepared 2014 clark William Reid, d MSS leaves McKay. E Miscellaneous correspondence 1367 ommanney Edward Lacon, letters to Lord Bryce lists in Lady Bryceapos 1922, shelfmarks 135, s 356 verney Richard Greville 19th Baron Willoughby de Broke 1215 russel stannard papers steelmaitland Sir Arthur Herbert Drummond Ramsay 1st Bart. MacVeagh Shelfmark, calendar of letters to and from English correspondentsapos. Porter russel stannard papers in 19The correspondents in the apos. Letters to and from 11 gordon John Campbell 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair 196 Letter concerning death of 125 woodhouse James Thomas 1st Baron Terrington 11116 atherton Gertrude Franklin 1870s 656, bryce 420, mSS Shelfmark, s hand, letters to and from Lord Bryce..


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