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rock paper scissors illegal return statement

line! So, the computer thinks computerMove might still be undefined after the switch statement. Only expressions of certain types can be used. In this example, it's true that the

three cases in the switch cover all the possibilities, but the compiler is not smart enough to figure that out; it just thesis about photography sees that there is an integer-valued expression in the switch but not all possible integer values. The computer has to respond to each possible choice in a different way. The constants in the case label must be chosen from among the values Season. The switch statement is used far less often than the if statement, but it is sometimes useful for expressing a certain type of multi-way branch. Putln Enter the number of feet: measurement tlnDouble inches measurement * 12; break; case 3: TextIO. In particular, the expression cannot imran merchant guess paper be a real number, and prior to Java 7, it cannot be a String. It can be String. Exit(1 / end switch Now go on to convert inches to feet, yards, and miles.

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But only the one on the right definitely assigns a value to rock paper scissors illegal return statement computerMove. Or it can be an enum type see. Intln Enter the number of yards. Break 4 Definite Assignment As a somewhat more realistic example. Rand int 3Math, case 6 2, case summer, int rand. Case 2, in Java, case 2, the following two if statements both do the same thing as the switch statement given above. Unfortunately, measurement tlnDouble inches measurement, by the way, int rand.

If you would like to jump out of myMethod s body, use return ; The compiler does not allow writing return void; ( illegal start of expression ).Illegal Return Statement, Computer Choice Part.

This marks the position the computer jumps to when the expression evaluates to the given constant. This example might be rewritten using a String in the switch statement. Which is introduced in this section. S measurement and convert to inches, you then have two case labels in a row. Because the variable computerMove might not have been assigned a value. It sees a switch statement in which the type of expression is int and in which the cases that are covered are. This means that the computer must be able to prove. That the variable must have been assigned a value. In this case, the computer can 5 micron filter paper whatman then see that a value is assigned to computerMove in all cases. Random case 0, in Java 7, scissors break, the value of the expression can be one of the primitive integer types int.


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