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roc nation paper plane

logo has become the face of the company even more so than the success of the apparel line. Ironically though, Rocawear was the reason they could be in the

office they are today. Upscale Vandal himself followed a non-traditional path into being the fashion icon he is today. I just like the way we played with fabrics and made everything comfortable. Everything is under 100. In Emory's mind it was a conflict of interest asking to promote the hats. Weve seen people wearing the hats with the paper plane logo around, but what made you want to expand into a full collection? Is the point of the collection more to promote Roc Nation, or to just be its own brand? Jay Z and their other friends would make jokes about how Emory needed to go to rehab for shopping back then. Its great that you are now able to wear your sweats every paper trebuchet day in a way that you couldnt ever before. So when we started Roc Nation, our mindset was global. Its all about being accessible. Perhaps the biggest was when. The name Emory Jones may not immediately jump out as familiar, but if youve listened to Jay Zs music over the past fifteen years, its one youve heard numerous times throughout his rhymes. And he is the first to admit that the goal has always been much bigger than clothes. Now that the lifestyle division of Roc Nation took off the same people who said it would not work behind his back are praising him to his face. A former employee of, roc Nation, Billionaire Boys Club, and consultant to many major brands, Upscale Vandal spearheaded things with Emory. Jay Zs company, roc Nation. Iconix takes issues with the Roc Nation logo appearing on select MLB merchandise, including hats and jerseys. Afterwards we talked about our mutual love of clothing and hats before getting into things. I was recently introduced to Emory who gave me the opportunity to chat with him about his past, what he is doing with Roc Nation now, and where he sees things going in the future. The company says in court documents that it paid 204 million for the rights to the paper plane image and now controls its licensing. Now, with the release of the new collection today, we talked to Emory about what these clothes mean to him, and more importantly, what he hopes they will mean to the kids buying them.

Roc nation paper plane

But he can make them see why buying this is worth it later. I feel like Roc Nation represents a great lifestyle. He had to excuse himself before we started to take a phone call with New Era. When youre moving around the world like we are. And its not about promoting a record label. Sneakers are why he has such a good relationship modeling with the legendary. I want to make something that you would pick up and buy anyway. This isnt about being fashion or trendy. But when I was growing.

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Roc nation paper plane

I think we white paper report education just wanted to represent our lifestyle of where were at right now. None of the naysaying was taken to heart. As for his most important lesson in business. Emory has gone on to work on the creative development of the new Roc Nation Apparel. Technical space, we wanted to be a part of that luxury comfort. Wheres hes turned what began as promotional Tshirts for the label into its own totally legitimate streetwear brand you may have seen folks around town. He actually created the PumaLife hashtag that has been used over 113k times on Instagram alone to date. Despite the success of Rocawear, emory says keep people around you who are willing to lose and win with you. More stories like this ONE, where Emory differs is that he wants to get in front of the person influencing the influencer because they are the most powerful ones.

But that doubt is what pushed him out of his comfort zone to achieve what he has.Getting out of the elevator on the 39th floor of the midtown office for Roc Nation I was greeted by a polite woman named Jasmine who said Emory would be out in a minute.And that is exactly how things have worked out.


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