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phd policy analysis governance

committee, can make adjustments to the programme which may include rearrangement or replacement of programme elements. Students must also publish their dissertation on ProQuest before their degree is conferred.

Specialisations in, governance and, policy, analysis and in the Economics of, technology, Innovation and Development, the Maastricht Graduate School. PhD student at igpa, and if you are looking for inspiration take a look at our. Gpac meets the needs and availability of working professionals and researchers with full- or part-time jobs, allowing them to combine their careers with obtaining. Course modules are compulsory for all fellows and will be assessed by the tutors. Native speakers and students who have received their bachelors or masters education in English are exempted motivation letter (400- 500 words) two signed reference letters on original letter head (by current or former professors or employers) letter from current employer, including a statement of support. Taking European Union (EU) environmental policy as its primary vantage point, this research will: (1) identify key institutions, networks of actors and instruments deployed to govern for sustainability in specific case studies of telecoupled systems (e.g. Patrick Meyfroidt (Earth and Life Institute, Catholic University of Leuven). In the following years fellows are required to attend two full time workshops of one week each in Maastricht, to participate in progress presentations, research discussions skills training and master classes. Overview, application Procedure, admissions, courses, contact, starting date: location: Maastricht. The key lecturers of the programme are leading scholars in the field of policy analysis and the related areas like governance, social protection, migration, growth and development, technology and innovation. The programme is designed to provide advanced training in the theory and skills crucial to policy analysis and design. Dissertation, through the final dissertation, students demonstrate their scholarly ability to examine, critique, and synthesize knowledge and experience, so that new ideas can be tested; best practices identified, established, and verified; and theoretical, practice, or policy constructs evaluated and advanced. A multidisciplinary group of senior and early-career social scientists, it focuses on addressing the big challenges of governance in the context of environmental and sustainability politics. MGSoG will not employ a gpac participant, or pay a salary or scholarship for either participating in the programme or conducting research. In order to graduate, gpac fellows have to submit a manuscript and fulfill conditions ocr equal to standards that are required for the full time PhD programme participants. In carrying out this work, the ESR will: (1) Conduct interviews and documentary research to chart networks and key actors and structures associated with EU efforts to govern for sustainability in telecoupled systems (focusing on certain specific cases such as agricultural commodity chains or raw. For more information about studying at Maastricht University, including facilities, getting a visa, etc., please go to the general information for PhDs page. Programme flexibility The gpac training programme allows for maximal flexibility, without jeopardising academic rigour and standards. This means the fellows have to comply with the Regulation governing the attainment of doctoral degrees. Gpac participants are either self-employed or employed by business or the public sector and have, therefore, their own source of income. At igpa we provide mentoring from world-leading academic, industry and government experts in a collaborative and exciting environment that brings together theory and practice to make a real difference for people, policy and politics. We expect the fellows to finish their PhD proposal after one year. Social Network Analysis ) would be advantageous. Home research phD at igpa, overview, at the Institute for, governance and. Students complete the dissertation independently, with the guidance of a supervisory committee chair and committee members. The Research Group.

Phd policy analysis governance

This page directs you to all the phd information you need about being. We are looking for fellows with a Masters degree who have strong academic records. Voluntary participation in online course modules. At the beginning of the programme you will receive more information about coursework. Statistics, affiliation with academic research and a special interest in policy analysis. Research and programme procedures, applications DUE, gpac workload The first year of the programme requires participants to undertake parttime research and study activities during the year. This proposal will be presented to and discussed with the gpac fellows and research staff of the School during each workshop in Maastricht. Mathematics, human development, combining a, professional andor volunteer experience, phD degree with a fulltime job. Excellent written and spoken English is essential.

Recycled paper receipts Phd policy analysis governance

Application for 2017 starting opening, participation and Sustainability, longrange pollution or distant policy driven effects present complex new challenges for sustainability governance. Personal supervision and monitoring during the entire programme. Topic, and has repeatedly been awarded for innovation. Specialisation courses are different between tracks. Location, the courses are offered in a interactive. Education, basic courses in year one are similar. The most frequently asked questions are already included in there.

Although gpac fellows participate in the training with the objective of obtaining a PhD, they are not considered regular PhD fellows.Global trade and supply chains and networks and (2) assess their impacts with particular attention to so-called policy -driven displacement effects, policy spillovers and feed-backs (e.g.The research that participants will focus on fits into one of the Schools research themes.


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