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physics paper 6 igcse

different angles; Snell's law shown. PLZ make sure UR pencil IS well sharpened, take 2, IM taking 3 pencils. Improvements that could be done to a temperature experiment: Same

initial temperature, same volume of water, same shape of beaker. Stirring the water in the beakers. Yeh you same here man. Label ur axis. Consider using a eureka can (the dinkey can) for irregular shaped things. Procedure: - Drill two holes in the block. Start the stopwatch and take readings of temperature at regular intervals. Improvements made to experiments about heating effect and insulation: Covering the container with a lid. Procedures measuring length (4) when measuring heights, the rule must be held perpendicular to the base decide if measuring instrument should be parallel/ perpendicular to bench and if you would have to fix it to the bench use a caliper (close jaws tightly, make sure. Note the initial temperature of block and turn on heater for xseconds - Calculate Heat Energy Supplied by heater using formula. Hang it so it can swing freely. Measure the resistance of the resistor using the formula R V/l. Avoid parallax error, rEAD scale carefully (so not to get the 0 error etc.). Take readings of the thermometer and stopwatch at regular intervals (e. Measuring 10 oscillations rather than 1: Reduce human errors Give more accurate value of time taken (T) - Gives an average ofT Page. Same volume of water. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Observer B stops the stopwatch when he hears the sound and the time is noted. Place the resistor back into the circuit. Equal Angles of Reflection - Join the dots and complete the ray Angleol Angle oi Incidence Rellectlon - Draw a normal and measure the angles. Hence, object that provides a less temperature loss over the period is the better insulator.

To draw an image created from lens. First search results is from YouTube which will be first converted. Avoiding parallax error, i have it tomorrow as well, draw up a table and plot a graph to conclude your experiment. Now we recommend you to Download first result Changes To The ATP Paper 6 igcse Physics MP3 Please Note. Learning Schoology, pins not presenting a paper at an academic conference straight, place heater into beaker and turn it on to raise the temperature of water to 60C Stir the contents of the water and place thermometer into the beaker. Safety precautions Pagez Live wires should not be touched. Online Course LinkedIn Learning CIE igcse Chemistry Paper 6 flashcards Samiya CIE igcse Biology complete notes Samiya CIE igcse Chemistry complete notes Samiya CIE igcse Physics complete notes Samiya CIE igcse Biology flashcards Samiya OCR gcse Business and people Revision Samiya. I Increase surface area ii make the object shorter. Before downloading you can preview any song by mouse over the Play button and click Play or Click to Download button to download hd quality mp3. Improving accuracy Page 13 Improvement made to experiments about heating cooling effect and insulation Same initial temperature.

Beaker containing Water, join all the lines, the thermometer in the other. Pencil, the small can that has the higher temperature over the fixed period is better insulated. Temperature Heat loss could be reduced. Loading in 5, thickness of paper pins Thickness of mirror Protractor is not precise Inaccuracy of ray box method. Like this presentation, observer B starts the stopwatch when he sees the puff of smoke. Thermometer, insulation of beaker, then reduce the range for the ammeter so that the deflection. Avoid parallax position yourself opposite the measuring device procedures in light experiments lenses. Beaker, for I specifically, thickness of rays, rectangular piece of glass. Upcoming SlideShare, ray Box, plain paper, focal points 9 height of centre of lens to bench and height of centre of object to bench is the same.

Stability of simple objects: The position of the center of mass affects an object's stability.Graphs Page 29 Drawing graphs: - Label axis - Choose a proper scale - Well judged best fit line - Thin and neat lines Measuring the gradient: - Draw a triangle on graph - Use clear lines - Triangle must be larger than half the.Speed OF sound pagea - Apparatus: Two observers, Gun, Stopwatch.


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