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paper mache tail

size, the dolphin in the picture is about 1 foot long. Blow up the balloon this will become the dinosaur body, so don't inflate it too much! Our goal

here is to make a cheaper and Eco-friendly costume. Once the paper mache is dry, we popped the balloon. How to Make good sociology paper opener a Paper Mache Cat, Lesson #4 Sculpting the Face. The purpose of the primer paint is to coat and conceal the newspaper prints and for better adhesion of the finishing coat. It may help to masking tape these in place, before paper macheing them to the model. Decorating the paper mache. Tape the tail to the back of the paper towel roll. And with all these recitals and class presentations, making costumes for our kids can be either costly or can challenge our creativity and resourcefulness. Decorate (add a white blow hole and black eyes or glue on wiggly eyes ). Step 1: build THE frame: I recommend you quickly review all the instructions before starting the project. Use shorter pieces when macheing around the fin and tail if it's too finicky (or have younger kids mache the nice easy id membrane paper body and save the hard parts for yourself). Then we painted wide strips of white with black border around the body. To make paper mache dinosaur eggs in 4 easy steps: As above, blow up a balloon.

Before you get stuck into this messy activity. Use toilet paper and more tape to fill in any dips and round out the primary head. Make sure you protect surfaces and clothes. Cut a U shape snout mouth for the dolphin. First we painted project the mold with white acrylic paint as primer.

what newspaper were the federalist papers published in Then we used a black crayon to draw curves and lines in the fins. We end up with 4, theres lots to discover, your kid will love opening the completed dinosaur egg to find a baby dinosaur inside. As my 2 year old called them same as top fin shape in photo. Apply a third coat, please let me know, boil about 3 minutes and let cool. But a bit longer and skinnier. After making paper mache dinosaur eggs.

ONE OF:  white glue, mod podge OR paper mache paste (1 part flour to 5 parts water. .Leave it to dry.


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