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paper fairy wings

feathers, cut smaller pieces of paper into half-ovals. Upload error Awesome picture! Also have a look at these easy to make fairy crowns. Update: Check on the blog of

fun at home with kids how Asia took this cardboard fairy wings idea and terc investigations grid paper gave her own twist to it! Cut along the paper, about 1 inch apart. 2, if you drew them on cardboard, try painting the cardboard. Cutting them after you color may make it easier since you can color over the lines and then cut off the excess. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Then, spread it over all of the wing. Each wing should be on a different sheet of paper. Use two pieces of paper with each wing on a different sheet. Paint them, add glitter, attach flowers, or embellish with ribbon. To make a harness so you can place it on your back, connect ribbon or thin strips of material to the wings. Find full instructions for decorating and assemblig your fairy wings on the printable PDF craft sheet. Cut contact paper so that it fits the hanger. You can also make the wings out of cardboard for sturdier wings. Other good options are colored glues that match your wings, or glue with glitter. Use pliers to straighten the kinks in the hanger, especially where the hanger was wrapped around the neck to keep it together. Use an embossing gun to set the gel. You can also draw the shape of the wing first, and then lay the hanger on top of the paper and bend it so it matches the outline of the wing. Using gauge wire (or any kind of other thin wire outline the wings. The straw acts as the support for your paper wings so they keep their shape and don't tear. After the wings cool, take needle nose pliers and twist any separated wires together near the base. Follow the lines so your wings stay the same size and shape.

Paper fairy wings

And add straps for wearing, tape or glue the two wings to each other to make a" Lay out fairy one wing form and carefully apply a thin amount of glue to the part of the wire that is facing 7 4 Decorate the wings. Beads, i made some wholes in the back and used some ribbon to connected the cardboard wings to my little fairies. When both sides of the wings were painted and dried.

1 4 grid paper to print: Wildfield paper co

Paper fairy wings: Wcnb paper board

We had to wait for each side of the wings to dry before vintage investment partners focus thesis we could go on with our play. You can color them before or after you cut them out 6 2 Connect the wings together. There are a couple of ways you can connect the wires to the paper. If you drew on white paper. Straighten the hanger into a straight line. Attach two of them together, patience, separate the fringed edges and fluff.

An alternate way to adhere the wires is to use Fimo gel.An alternate to regular paper is to use contact paper.


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