What size is legal size paper - Paper bag on head game

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paper bag on head game

finally wises up and realizes that what you really don't need is the brown bag that is on your head. This has quickly become a favourite. Of course

fans took notice by going grocery shopping and leaving with just the brown paper bags. Break the guests into equal groups, and give them all several rolls of toilet paper. Jones, Elton (April 10, 2012). Retrieved September 14, 2008. Retrieved July 22, 2013. There have been times in our competitive family when all that was left of the bag was a single piece of paper laying flat on the ground and our son managed to retrieve it! Anyanwu, Obi (April 11, 2012). "The 25 Coolest Fighting Game Super Combos". Each guest and the bride are given a large brown paper bag to place on their head. Balistrieri, Emily (July 31, 2007). The Naughty Honeymoon Word Scramble, if you want to spice the night up, try making a naughty honeymoon word scramble.

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Object of the game : Be the first one to take the bag off of your head.(Do not tell your guests this.) What you will need: A brown paper bag for each guest.This is a tried and true wedding shower game with a twist.

Paper bag on head game

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