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paper shadow box ideas

or 4 sheets, depending on how many layers you want to make. Now you need to cut some cardboard strips to place between each layer so the light can

filter through. I used a thin dowel to roll the petals upward. Thanks Third Prize in the Cardboard Contest 2016 2 People Made This Project! Thanks to the card stock and the space between each layer the light filters through very nicely. I kept it a little distant from the top of the box so that there would be some free space between the frame (that you're going to add now) and the first layer. Assemble the tulip by gluing the petals of the center piece together, with the petals barely touching each other. One of the most important things in this kind of designs is making sure that there are no "flying" objects: all of your silhouettes must be attached somewhere in the scenery. More Project Ideas, shaunte is a 30-something, chocolate-loving, sahm from Utah. Hold in place with washi tape. The second option is to actually make the entire cardboard frame for each layer, but you need bigger pieces of cardboard this way. Cut the Pearl Moon, Scuba toilet Diver, Dress Blues and Intense Cobalt cardstock into 6" x 8" pieces. Difficulty Level: Beginner, approximate Time: 2 Hours, decorate your space with an out of this world Paper Moon Shadow Box! Refer to photo as a guide. Add leaves if you want. . To make the cardboard box, cut 4 large strips of cardboard with the same wideness: they must be wider than the tickness of your layers because you need to keep some free space on the back for the LED degumming strip. 1 Cut Deep Navy cardstock. Begin arranging your flowers. Adhere the outer petal pieces to the bottom of the center (cup) shape using hot glue. Of course you can get an already made one of the right size, but I don't mind making my own! I started out my illustrious crafting career in paper.

Glue the Layers Together, add gemstone centers to the flowers. Position and overlap the left side of the cut circles. Sand the cardstock to bring the core color forward the kraft color that you see in the photos and then you can begin assembling them. The effect ciao will be very soft and the outline of the reflection wonapos. White card stock as many sheets as your layers. Cut Your Layers, from the top right and " Make sure to try all of your layers together as you make them because they need to perfectly fit with each other and all of their details are supposed to be visible unless you donapos.

Measure your cardboardapos, border around and cut an opening using a ideas paper trimmer or straight edge and an Xacto knife. And 8 5Petal Flowers for my shadow box. My third layer has a simple geometric shape so I simply drew it by free hand see next step. Step 9, this is a simple trick to hide the ugly cardboard sides of the box. Perpendicularly, s thickness on one end of each strip and trace a line. You can cut all of the flowers for this spring decoration with one pass through your machine.

Step 6: Make the Back and the Frame.Step 7: Insert the Scenery in the Box!Tape the battery pack to the back of the frame.


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