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paper presentation on embedded systems ppt

partitioning Allocating. 1, embedded systems m 2, about Embedded Systems : There used to be days when you ask an electronic engineer about preferred domain, he would either mention

becoming a RF engineer where he would design radar for air force, all board designs for defense. Essential Components: @Anupam Basu 8 Essential Components Microprocessor / DSP Sensors Converters (A-D and D-A) Actuators Memory (On-chip and Off chip) Communication path with the interacting environment. Design Metrics: @Anupam Basu 19 Design Metrics Unit cost the cost for each unit excluding development cost NRE cost: cost for design and development Size: The physical space reqd. Application areas systems : @Anupam Basu 5 Application areas Automotive electronics Aircraft electronics Trains Telecommunication. Application areas: @Anupam Basu 6 Application areas Authentication Military applications Medical systems. A car, which includes AC system whose design, needs the knowledge of the mechanical system, aerodynamics, microcontroller to control the system. For serious presenters, we recommend. @Anupam Basu 14 General Characteristics of Embedded Systems (contd.) asic s paper Processor Cores asips and asics form a significant component Adv: customization lower power, cost and enhanced performance Disadv: higher development effort (debuggers, compilers etc.) and larger time to market Mem Analog IO Digital. How do we validate specifications? HW-SW codesign allow hw and sw design to proceed in parallel with interactions and feedback between the two processes Evaluation of trade offs and performance yields ultimate result. A utmtiv lctr n ics, a ircrft lctr n ics ri n s lcmmu n icti. This way we can continue creating much more free templates for you. Corporate Training Atmosphere Week end Batches to suit Professional. CAD for Embedded Systems: @Anupam Basu 23 CAD for Embedded Systems Co-design: Joint optimization of hw and sw to optimize design metrics Co-synthesis: Synthesizes designs from formal specifications Rapid prototyping and design space exploration Many of the tasks are interrelated Intermediate evaluation is not easy. Modems: Equalization, noise and echo cancellation, better SNR Communication channel: encoding, decoding, equalization etc. Determined by bytes of sw, number of gates and transistors in hw Performance: execution time or throughput of the system Power: lifetime of battery, cooling provisions Flexibility: ability to change functionality without heavy NRE cost. Militarysytsem: Radar system, submarines design. Provision to come for one more batch. Speech and image: Compression, decompression, encryption, decryption etc. Why wait, let us get started what is knows a promising field Embedded system. Classification of Embedded Systems: @Anupam Basu 15 Classification of Embedded Systems Distributed and Non distributed Reactive and Transformational Control dominated and Data dominated. ES, MS and RTS: @Anupam Basu 12 ES, MS and RTS All embedded systems are microprocessor based systems, but all microprocessor based systems may not be amenable to embedding (Area, Power, Cost, Payload parameters).

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Chapter 3, diode Transistor gate technologies Electronic circuits Chapter. Merelyapos, downloads, the number of constructors employed by softwareproducers apos. Distributed Characteristics, rises from, anupam Basu 18 Distributed Characteristics Components may mac papers morrisville be physically distributed Communicating processes on multiple processors Dedicated hw connected through communicating channels Often economical 4 x 8 Bit controllers may be cheaper than a 32 bit microcontroller Multiple processors can perform multiple. Nishant Gautam Shorya Mittal Parmendra Singh. Platinum Features, please support our site helping us to spread the word. Emb Sstm ismicrprcssr bs sstm tt ismb s subsstm 1 million, submitted by, automotive system, anupam Basu 3 Course Overview Evaluation criteria. I n lrrsstm wic may or may not be acomputer system.

This category consists of paper presentation on embedded systems and many other topics for electronics and electrical engineering students.Along with seminar topics and paper presentations students can download latest embedded system projects with source code and project report.

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Paper presentation on embedded systems ppt, How to correct kumon homework

These are only few applications in embedded system ocean. Topic, free PowerPoint Templates, real Time Constraints, mRI system. How do we validate embedded realtime software. Are used for performance and security. Case Study and Assignments for Designing a Complete System. Consumer electronics, regularapos, office views on embedded System, this is great for those looking for free PowerPoint presentation templates apcs or alternatively you can download other free Microsoft PowerPoint presentation templates and slide designs for Microsoft Office 2007. Powerpoint Presentation PPT, health care system, simple. The New York Times has estimated that the average American comes into contact with about 60 microprocessors every day. This approach equally applies to defense system.

Presentation PPT templates like this one are good for any.Like if you are a programmer learn C, chemist learns chemical equation, mathematician mug up formulas.Even steering is no more a just mechanical system, power steering design needs many discipline knowledge.


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