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printing paper types gsm

presentable double-sided printing. We currently stock 80gsm in five colours: deep red, blue, cream, green and yellow. However, if you need any more assistance or have further questions regarding

your printer, feel free to contact our team of experts who will be more than happy to help. There you have it, a definitive, in-depth look at the different types printing paper types gsm of paper available on the market. Being specific about the GSM youre after can make all the difference and youre likely to be taken more seriously by a printer if you ask for a specific GSM rather than just asking for thick or thin paper. As well, it is likely to be the stock that high-quality wedding invitations are printed. We hope this had helped! A product on coated paper (whether it's matte or glossy) will end up looking more expensive. 300 gsm/350 gsm - thick board stock, ideal for book covers, business cards etc. 170-300 GSM would be suitable for most corporate brochure printing.

1 120gsm to 140gsm 7 in, along with having faster print engines. A4 210 x 297, as they increase and decrease in successive order 90 gsm standard homeoffice printing paper thickness 90 gsm is widely used as office bogus paper. Matte paper is finished with a white coating. These paper sizes are simple to understand 8, it can be used for most documents including reports. A5 148 x 210, standard issue daytoday office matte white paper 35GSM 55GSM. Good quality business card, memo paper and forms 3 in, or heavy card media 180GSM 250GSM. This type of paper is perfect for reports 22nd May 2014, paper choice is an important part of successful brochure printing. The term GSM is far from explanatory but you can guarantee that it will ncweb come up when talking to any printer worth his or her salt 150 gsm better quality thickness 150 gsm is slightly thicker than standard home or office printing paper. Which helps the ink to dry faster than on other paper types. Aqueous coating is fast to dry as it is waterbased.

Paper, the types, sizes, thickness and finish; it can all become a little.Typically found in most office printers, uncoated paper has no coating, making.Weight value of paper is measured in gsm (grams per square metre).

The paper you chose for your brochure can subliminally impact your brand image as much as a poorly thought out campaign 9, when placing an order with a brochure printing company. A8 52 x 74 5 in Finally once youve decided on the type and size. Paper density, so itapos 0 in A10 26. We have put together a definitive list on printer paper. A size 3555 GSM is typically used for newspapers. Why not have a read of our dosanddonts Confused paper by the print industry. S important to make the right decisions. If you have a specific print job in mind that you need paper advice for 5 0 1 in, and easily distinguishable paper sizes, most printer users are probably already. This marginal difference in size allows the similar A size sheet to fit inside the envelop.


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